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Cannot load Tekla Structures Student version
06.10.2017 23:31

I tried to download the software and managed to get an application called TeklaStructuresLearning with a size of 749,541 KB, file type is Application. When I open the application the Install Wizard begins loading the program but only gets 1/3 completed and then a message box states the install has failed, try again. I try again and it fails again with no further progress and then the Install Wizard states install is finished. But there is nothing to start the program, no icon or start application in the file tree. So I remove the program and start again with the same results. This is for an USA English software being loaded on Windows 8.1. Thanks.

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear
Re: Cannot load Tekla Structures Student version 10.10.2017 10:30

Hello, I'm sorry to hear about the installation issue. Could you add a screenshot of the error message you are getting, please?

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