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3D Connexion mouse for 2017
31.03.2017 23:15

How do you install the 3D connexion mouse to Tekla 2017? I didn't see a driver for that version.

Browse to Tekla Campus >
Re: 3D Connexion mouse for 2017 04.04.2017 14:26

Browse to Tekla Campus > Download. Download the 3D connexion mouse zip package from Extensions. When you unzip the package you will find the pdf guide that explains what to do.

I copied the installation instructions from the pdf here:

1. Connect the 3D mouse to your computer's USB port. Windows automatically recognizes the mouse when you plug it in.

2. Install the configuration file for the 3D mouse:
  a. Start Tekla Structures 2016i.
  b. Run the 3DConnexionInstaller_2016i.exe file.
  c. In the installer dialog box, select your 3D mouse from the device list and then click Install.

A predefined configuration file (DirectInput.cfg) is saved onto your computer.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the file is located in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\TeklaStructures\2016i\UserSettings.

No work with me
Re: Browse to Tekla Campus > 15.01.2019 19:14

I try many times, any time, but Tekla structures only zoom with my 3d connexion, If you can, Please make a video tutorial for setup 3D connexion mouse and Tekla, I heard this is the problem in a long time.......Gruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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After many tried and the help
Re: No work with me 23.01.2019 10:56

After many tried and the help of my friend, he talks to me "DISABLE" a driver same below pic and all active perfect, Tekla can use 3d mouse together with other software KKK

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Re: After many tried and the help 13.08.2019 11:26

Sorry , but i can't get the information , it's very small !!
It's ok for you now after this manipulation ?
thank you

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Re: 3D Connexion mouse for 2017 08.06.2017 09:32

Just copy Directinput.cfg file (from C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Tekla Structures\"YOUR_TEKLA_VERSION"\UserSettings) from previous version of Tekla and place it to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Tekla Structures\2017\UserSettings
It works for me.

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regarding the use of a 3d mouse
Re: Hello, 30.01.2018 15:27

I am using a 3Dmouse in other 3d programs (Solidworks / Catia) but i couldn't make it work with tekla structures. I don't know if there is a problem with the driver that comes with the 3d mouse (Space mouse wireless with 3dwareconnexion driver installed). Please let me know if you have installed only the driver from tekla or you have both the tekla driver and the 3dconnexion one

Same Issue
Re: regarding the use of a 3d mouse 08.11.2018 13:06

Yeah I'm having the same issue, latest SpaceMouse Pro driver and Tekla Structures driver installed but the mouse will only zoom in and out; even when I change settings in the 3Dconnexion programme.

3D Connexion mouse for 2017 & 2018
Re: 3D Connexion mouse for 2017 04.01.2019 02:04

This appears to still be an issue. Installed 3DConnexionInstaller_2018.exe to be used with Tekla Structures 2018. The best I can get it to do is zoom in/out when I rock the puck forward/backward. Other than that, nothing. No panning, no rotating, etc.

3D Mouse
Re: 3D Connexion mouse for 2017 & 2018 26.02.2019 11:29

I don't understand why Trimble doesn't let the 3D connexion bods develop the driver. Works with my other cad software.

Using the above suggestion
Re: 3D Connexion mouse for 2017 & 2018 22.09.2019 17:49

Using the above suggestion and disabling the 'HID-compliant game controller' I get the 3dconnexion mouse to work and have it working in my other applications. (may need a re-boot). Just need to tweak the trimble cfg file and the 3d mouse settings. Try it, it does work.

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