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What to do if there are problems in installation
05.02.2014 13:46

Sometimes when you try to run the installation program, you might see this error message: “Error extracting setup .xml!”

This means that the installation package has not been downloaded correctly. This might happen for example if your internet connection breaks up during the download.

How to solve the problem:

  1. Delete the temporary internet files in your browser.
  2. Download the installation package again.
  3. Re-install Tekla Structures Learning.

Another error message you might encounter is “Installation failed”:

How to solve the problem:
1.    Check that you at least have 8GB empty space on your hard disk. Check also other hardware recommendations.
2.    Reboot your computer.
3.    Make sure that you have Administrator rights on your computer.
4.    If you have installed any previous versions of Tekla Structures Learning,
       uninstall them from Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features.
5.    Empty your temporary folder.

If these steps don’t help in solving the problem, contact the Tekla Campus team using this web form.