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Validation email
06.09.2015 13:44

I made the huge mistake of trying to change the email I use for Tekla Campus...
A box pops out on the screen saying "you will receive a validation email shortly". It has been over a day and so far nothing. Now I can't even open my account...

Did anyone have the same problem?

By the way, it is not on junk mail and Tekla is not on my list of blocked senders...

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Hello Renan,It seems you have
Re: Validation email 07.09.2015 10:22

Hello Renan,
It seems you have created several different Tekla accounts using different e-mail addresses. This might be what is causing your access issues.

If you continue having problems, please use this web form to report the details (which one of your accounts you were trying to use, how were you changing the e-mail addresses etc.).

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Thank you for your answer!
Re: Hello Renan,It seems you have 07.09.2015 15:36

Thank you for your answer!
I have submitted a request and am now waiting for a response.

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Validation e-mail to Hotmail
Re: Validation email 16.09.2015 12:01

The original poster's account issues were sorted a while back, but some of you using Microsoft Hotmail may have experienced similar problems. You should now be able to receive the Tekla account verification e-mail message to a Hotmail address. Just order a new verification e-mail from the link on your My account page.

If you continue having problems validating your Tekla account, please use this web form to report the details.

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