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Tekla structures learning problem
23.04.2014 18:41

After installing the Tekla structures learning I tried to start the program but it freezes at the first popup window. No error message or nothing. I have tried reinstalling and rebooting computer, but nothing works. Working with Win7 x64.

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Hi Tuukka,
Re: Tekla structures learning problem 24.04.2014 09:01

Hi Tuukka,

It might be that you are experiencing so-called hooking problem: some software are known to cause Tekla Structures not to start up correctly. Please check if you are using any of the software mentioned on the list on this support article:


Follow the instructions in the article to solve the problem.

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Not solved
Re: Hi Tuukka, 24.04.2014 11:30

I ran the Autoruns but it didn't show any entrys in the Applnit tab. Also checked the list and none of them was running.

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Were you able to complete the
Re: Not solved 25.04.2014 10:18

Were you able to complete the installation successfully (no error messages)? 

If so, could you try the following

  1. Ensure that you have administrator rights on the computer where Tekla Structures Learning has been installed. If that is the case, ensure that Tekla Structures Learning has been installed in administrator mode.
  2. Check that your anti-virus software is not blocking running Tekla Structures Learning.
  3. Check that there are no pending Windows updates.

If all of these check out OK and you are still not able to get Tekla Structures Learning running, please contact us by using this web form.

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