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Linking TEKLA with SAP2000
05.06.2014 18:31

Good morning, i would like to know how to create the plate connection of an inclined I beam into the pad. I only find the macro for the vertical element.

How can I link Tekla with SAP2000? I have seen some programs on the extranet but i am not allowed to download them. Are those programs not available for the educational version?

Thank you very much

Hello Jose,
Re: Linking TEKLA with SAP2000 06.06.2014 08:15

Hello Jose,

Links to analysis & design software are not at the moment available at Tekla Campus, but they are available in the Tekla Extranet. Educational institutes, who have educational licenses to Tekla Structures, are eligible to access the Tekla Extranet and download the links there. Please contact your educational institute for more information.

Is there any way to download
Re: Hello Jose, 16.08.2018 02:02

Is there any way to download links for educational purposes if I am not unable to get it from an Institution?