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inability to open Tekla structures 20
13.06.2014 18:43

Hello everyone

I am Temesgen. I wanted to model a building as a part of my master thesis paper using Tekla and i successfully downloaded and installed the Tekla structures learning version. But when i try to open it, it seems to load for some second and it stops. I try to uninstall and re-install it again and again but it shows the same thing. I would appreciate if anyone out there is capable of helping me in this problem.

Best regards,

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Hello Temesgen!
Re: inability to open Tekla structures 20 16.06.2014 09:57

Sorry for the problems.

You should first check that your computer meets the hardware requirements and that your display drivers are up to date.

There is also a list of software that is known to cause problems with Tekla Structures, check the list to see if you have one of these installed on your computer.

If these don't help, please send us a private message.

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