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i cant enter to tekla 19
12.03.2014 13:01

well when i installed tekla 19 for the first time , it asked me a username and a pasword and i put the same dates that i use to enter to the campus but i never enter What happened?????

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try using your email in field
Re: i cant enter to tekla 19 12.03.2014 22:29

try using your email in field "user".

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Hello Jorge,
Re: i cant enter to tekla 19 14.03.2014 08:25

Hello Jorge,

I had a look at your account details and Tekla Structures Learning license, and they checked out OK - so in that sense, you should be able to login and use the software.

Like Ricardo suggested, you should use the email you registered with as the user name. Also, ensure that your internet connection is available and working when you login. After giving the email as your username and the password you selected, Tekla Structures Learning connects to the online license server, and after the license checks are ok, the software starts up.

You need to be online more or less on regular basis in order to use Tekla Structures Learning. There is an "offline buffer" in the software license, and the buffer helps you to work continuously for example despite an unstable internet connection. Offline buffer is valid for one day since your last successful TS Learning license connection online.


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Hola Tekla Administration
Re: Hello Jorge, 16.03.2014 22:36

Hola Tekla Administration
Yo puse como Username mi correo electronico y como Password mi contraseña
pero aun asi no deja ingresar
me deja el siguiente mensaje
Login Failed. Please try again
pero con esos datos normal ingreso a campus tekla
asi que no entiendo que pasa
o es que su servidor no funciona o esta en mantenimiento
yo soy un estudiante que queria participar en el concurso que saldra ahora en agosto si no me equivoco
pero viendo esto ya creo que no podre participar

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Hello Jorge,
Re: Hola Tekla Administration 17.03.2014 10:35

Hello Jorge,

Could you please change your password, and try if the login works with the new password? You can reset your password by going to https://account.tekla.com/login/ and clicking the Forgot password -link shown below:


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hi tekla admin i did what you
Re: Hello Jorge, 18.03.2014 17:48

hi tekla admin i did what you said, but how i told you , it never let me to enter
i dont know why
please send me a solution

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Hi Jorge,
Re: hi tekla admin i did what you 19.03.2014 08:54

Hi Jorge,

Sorry to hear that the problem persists! Could you please attach a screenshot or describe the error message you see when you try to open Tekla Structures Learning? That would help us pinpoint the problem. It doesn't seem like your user account is the problem, because you are able to login to this service with the same credentials, and your Tekla Structures Learning license seems ok.

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Can't enter tekla 19
Re: hi tekla admin i did what you 23.03.2014 19:31

Check your Windows updates status. I had a similar problem: my login/password was fine, but Tekla 19.1 learning wouldn't let me past the login screen. I tried everything suggested, including changing passwords, no success.

Then, purely out of chance, I hit the Windows Update option while trying to uninstall. I noticed I had 40 something updates waiting including several .net and visual C redistributable updates. I decided to see what would happen, for the heck of it, and installed the updates.

Next time I tried starting Tekla, it worked fine. No more problems.

So check your pending windows updates, there might be something there that's keeping the login mechanism from working right!