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How do I renew my Tekla Structures student license
05.02.2014 13:31

There are two ways to renew your license:  

  • Click the link in My Details, or
  • Click the link in the notification pop-up that appears at the top right corner of Tekla Campus home page just after you log in.

How do I renew my Tekla Structures Learning license         How do I renew my Tekla Structures Learning license

Student license for Tekla Structures educational configuration is valid for 4 months. You can check your license status any time in My Details.

When the end of the four month time period starts to approach, both Tekla Structures educational configuration and the Tekla Campus website will remind you about the expiry as you log in.

When you click the link in My Details or in the yellow notification pop-up, you will be taken to a web form where you can apply for the renewal of your license.

If you have problems in renewing your license, contact the Tekla Campus team using this web form.