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Dear Tekla Admin, I want to ask about when Tekla Education Edition license to provide?
08.04.2014 19:19

Dear Tekla Admin:
Hello, I am a student has a great enthusiasm for learning Tekla, but do not provide education license version in the early versions, recently had the chance to come into contact with the Nineteenth Edition of the education version, for my learning a great help, but I want to know whether there are provided education edition or trial license in the early version? Thanks for your answer.

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Hello Chen,

At the moment we are providing Tekla Structures Learning 19.1 through Tekla Campus. Unfortunately previous versions are not available.

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Thanks for your reply, so in
Re: Hello Chen, 09.04.2014 12:03

Thanks for your reply, so in the previous version of Tekla version 19.1 does not provide any trial?
In addition, I have a Tekla introducing the report on developments related to the Company's understanding of the trial version 19.1 is officially available begin? Because the Chinese official press release aspects of Tekla is August 21 2013, but in this site On August 27 2013, thank you for your answer.

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Re: Thanks for your reply, so in 09.04.2014 13:08


Tekla introduced this service, Tekla Campus, in late July last year. Tekla Campus is a service for students who are studying building and construction in universities, colleges, or technical schools. Tekla Structures Learning was made available for downloading on August 19th, 2013.

Previous to that, Tekla has had Educational licenses available for educational institutes.


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Tekla 21 ?
Re: Hello, 10.03.2015 21:23

Hello Sir,

when will be available Tekla 21 student version??

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Tekla Student 19.1
Re: Hello Chen, 14.04.2015 21:58

I am trying to download Tekla 19.1 Student version to match the software that is being utilized at my school. The current learning software only downloads 20.1.

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Hello Erick,
Re: Tekla Student 19.1 15.04.2015 10:19

Hello Erick,
At the moment, we are providing Tekla Structures Learning 20.1 through Tekla Campus. Unfortunately, previous versions are not available.

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