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Any way to install Export to Software (Revit) extension?
02.04.2014 04:18

I am unable to access the extranet with this Campus login?

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The account you have created for this service, Tekla Campus, gives you the possibility to download Tekla Structures Learning for educational purposes and to participate the discussions on the forum of this online service. Accessing the Tekla Extranet, including the Extensions section, requires that your company has a maintenance agreement with Tekla.

If your company doesn't yet have a maintenance agreement, you can contact our sales using this webform.

Educational institutes, who have educational licenses to Tekla Structures, are also eligible to access the Tekla Extranet. Please contact your educational institute for more information. 

At the moment the extension you are referring to is not available for Tekla Campus users. You can see the available extensions in the Download section.

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