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Hiring Tekla-BIM-Specialist-Sacramento, CA
31.01.2021 23:03

Work for a leading design-build company with over 60 years experience in Prefabrication Concrete buildings! Full-Benefits, Relocation Assistance, Opportunity for Growth! $65,000-$80,000/Year
If I could wave my wand and get the perfect candidate, this is what we would like:
Develop models virtually for specific design purposes.
 Ensure that the model aligns with the standards and goals set in the BIM
project workflow criteria.
 Collaborate and coordinate internally and/or externally with other
disciplines design changes and model changes.
 Create discipline specific BIM Modeling content.
 Develop accurate construction drawings and extract data based on the
discipline BIM platform.
 Coordinate design documentation as a methodology with full utilization of
BIM software and tools.
 Prepare project specific training documentation.
 Maintain proficiency in using BIM authoring tools to provide technical
support and mentoring as needed to the project team.
Minimum 2 years’ experience in Modeling
Exposure to precast products
Tekla as main experience in 3D/modeling platform

Here is the bare minimum:

Minimum 2 years’ experience in modeling
Exposure to the construction industry. Larger scale capital projects, buildings, garages…etc. Not custom homes.
Any standard 3D platform experience will suffice…Tekla, Revit, Solidworks…etc.
Must be in the United States to be considered.
Please Contact
Geoff Eckert
Hiring Manager
Send an email or resume to geckert@enhancedstaff.com