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02.04.2015 15:14

How marketable are you?  Are you using Tekla Campus to gain a competitive edge?  Whether you’re looking for a new job or brushing up on your skills, maintaining your marketability for the long term requires you to continually invest in yourself.  Here at Tekla Campus, we realize the growing need to showcase your experience, skills, & success and have added some new features to your profile to allow you to do just that.  Take some time to Build your Future

Action Items:

  • Update your Profile using some of the new features we have added.
  • Add a profile image.
  • Add some models to your profile to show off your skills
  • Go through the learning paths and earn badges
  • Add your profile to your email signature
  • Link your profile to your resume and social media sites. 
  • Share your profile with colleagues.