Trimble organizes Tekla Global BIM Awards every 2 years. Over 140 projects were entered in 2018, with winners selected from 36 countries. You can view the winning projects here. In the student category,  the team consisting of Fatih Yesevi OKUR, Ebru KALKAN, Ergün ERDOĞAN, and Rufai DEMİR, from Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey, has won with a project called BlackSea-TORM.

BlackSea-TORM is designed as an Expo fair building concept with a windfall form used in the design of the structure, taking into consideration the renewable and sustainable energy theme. You can read here about the challenges, and the ways in which each were addressed.  

The jury evaluated entries based on 4 criteria:

  • Use of BIM and Collaboration: Model lifecycle, the collaboration between multiple participants, and use of IFC and open BIM
  • Innovative use of Tekla software: Challenges solved with Tekla and innovative ways of utilizing BIM
  • Constructibility: Level of Development (LOD), multi-material aspect and complexity of geometry
  • The Cool Factor: Impressiveness and uniqueness of the project and creativity in execution

The award ceremony took place during the University Symposium at Trimble Dimensions, an international user event organized biennially and held in Las Vegas.  This year is the first time Trimble organized to invite a select group of faculty from architecture, engineering, construction management, and geomatics programs within universities around the world to conduct a University symposium. Fatih Yesevi OKUR and Ebru KALKAN joined the sessions.











Denis McNelis, Engineering Manager at BAM, Higgs & Hill, LLC, and Paul Wallet, Regional Director, Trimble Solutions Middle East & India, presented the award to the winning students.  They stated, “We are very happy that we won the BIM award that Trimble organized, and we are honoured that Trimble gave us this opportunity to participate in University Symposium.” The students were introduced to Tekla Structures at their university. Through Tekla Campus, they were familiarized with BIM and constructability. As their interest grew, they upskilled their work by using open API. The whole journey of the winning team towards the award ceremony is told in this video which was created by students themselves.












We wish them the best luck and continuation of their success.