Tekla Webinar:  "Estimate, Plan, Build Concrete Better – Pankow delivers superior value with Tekla"

Students, Tekla webinars are a great way to learn about the industry and how the industry is using the tools to be more efficient.  In our next webinar, occurring on Wednesday, January 11th, you will learn how Pankow, a concrete builder in the United States, is using Tekla Structures to drive more accurate and reliable concrete construction estimates.  Pankow was founded in 1963 and has an annual revenue of $400 million.  They focus on commercial buildings and specialize in delivering projects using Design-Build and IPD methods.  Working with concrete, they always strive to be more efficient.  Pankow uses the Tekla model throughout the entire life of the project, from pre-construction to pour.  In this webinar, Senior BIM Manager Luis Perez and Assistant VDC Manager Lou Varni, explain the value of constructible models.  You have heard us talk about constructible models in many of our lessons on Tekla Campus.  By working with constructible models project teams can ensure in advance that a building or structure can be built efficiently, both in terms of time and money.  

Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Drive more accurate and reliable concrete construction estimates
  • Save time and prevent errors in material quantification
  • Find the information you need and manage changes faster
  • Better coordinate detailed concrete and rebar work and ensure constructibility
  • Improve drawings and working instructions in order to enable more efficient work on site.

Watch this webinar:

Date:  Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Available Time:  

6 pm AEDT, Sydney (7 AM GMT London) 

1 pm, CET, Amsterdam (12 PM GMT London)

12 pm EST, New York (5PM GMT London)

Host & Speakers


  • Toni Kamula, Marketing Manager, Trimble Solutions


  • Andy Dickey, Business Developement Manager, CIP Concrete, Trimble Solutions
  • Lou Varni, Assistant VDC Manager, Pankow
  • Luis Perez, Sr. BIM Manager, Pankow