Krystian Warda, a young Polish structural engineer, comes from Lodz, a large post-industrial city in Poland, where people think its winter is even colder than that in Game of Thrones.

Krystian’s civil engineering path started at Lodz University of Technology in 2012. The first encounter with Tekla software for him was at Student Scientific Association meetings within his university.  During these gatherings, the students shared their knowledge about Tekla Campus, which was recently launched. Later in his university studies, Krystian took part in a 3-day Tekla Structures training course, organized by Construsoft Poland, to gain valuable experience and a better understanding of modelling in a 3D environment. Since then, he’s used Tekla Structures for his student projects.

“The Professors in my university actually were giving better marks for the projects which were done using 3D software. So, I started using Tekla Campus resources because it was very intuitive and free for students.”

Additionally, during his studies, he actively took part in numerous national and international student competitions, including Tekla Global BIM Awards 2016. He won the Student Category competition together with his teammates with the project Lodz City Gate. He also garnered an internship at an engineering company where he started using Tekla Structures on real projects under the supervision of experienced senior engineers.










After graduating with a bachelor degree, and thanks to his victory in Tekla Global BIM Awards, he was hired by an international engineering consultancy company in London. There, he was involved in a unique modular project of a 21-storey apartment block, which was fully detailed with Tekla Structures.

“I believe modular off-site construction has great potential across all building sectors and Tekla Structures is a perfect fit for complex projects like those modular ones.”

Currently, Krystian is working at an engineering consultancy company in Warsaw as Project Manager Assistant on large scale industrial projects, where his engineering background and experience with Tekla software ensure good communication with his engineering team and delivery of successful projects.

“Tekla Structures is a very powerful tool, and I personally recommend it for steel and concrete detailing.”

Learn more about Krystian on LinkedIn.