Learning the right software can speed up your chances for landing the job you want. For example, companies use Tekla Structures on projects like Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris, or The Leadenhall Building in London, and learning the software can improve your chances for gaining employment with firms like this. 

But there is more to know about Tekla Structures than the capability to work on awesome projects. Here are three things about Tekla Structures that you might not have known about before.


1. The roots of construction-ready BIM

A structural engineer tends to be more interested in how things are built,; the structure’s strength and stability. Tekla Structures is a specialized structural BIM tool. Our heritage comes from solving the trickiest, most complex structural questions by providing constructible models.  Construction-ready BIM models or constructible models are created easily because Tekla Structures is equipped with a library of highly detailed connections and components: for example, steel, rebar, precast, base plates, haunches, bracing and stairs, as well as parametric modeling capabilities. The industry defines LOD (Level of Development) with different levels of specifications ranging from early conceptual design with LOD 100 to as-built LOD 500. A Tekla Structures model can typically reach an LOD 350 – 400, which is truly constructible.

2. Effective management of project information

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and it is important to have a more developed model that allows project team members to communicate more effectively. At the same time, every project stakeholder uses their own software of choice. To tackle this, Tekla Structures has embedded tools for effective IFC change management, allowing the structural engineer to utilize exchanged real-time reliable information from on architectural and/or MEP models changes. Yes, instant reporting and checking on all model content including reference models is available for you.

3. Drawings, the international language of engineers  

Understanding how to effectively createread and readcreate drawings is important for an engineer. Drawings are the international language for engineers, but theses days effective use of drawings is changing. At Trimble, we believe in modeling for construction, not just for drawings.

With Tekla Structures you can quickly create drawings from the model. These drawings are then automatically updated as the model changes. Tekla Structures also includes automatic tagging of parts, ability to easily create sections and detailed sections - showing rebar, anchor bolts, plates, etc. and they are always up to date. Watching the video on Tekla Campus will get you on your way to creating effective drawings for any project .

Drawing by Tekla Structures