Delivering LOD correctly brings success.  Students continue your journey into the AECO industry by taking advantage of these free online pre-recorded webinars.  Learn about LOD and how using the Tekla model, can improve performance and efficiency in delivering the project.

Tekla Webinar:  "Why delivering LOD 'the Right Way' brings success to both clients & contractors".

How can a client be even more certain they are getting the full value from the construction information being produced by their design team? How can the Contractor be confident, not only that a tender is correct but that there will not be any unwelcome surprises along the way? LOD, Level of Development, is an industry led initiative that is going in the right direction (BIMforum 2016, Level 2 BIM UK).  It is putting the power to demand efficiency and certainty back into the hands of those who are at most risk when things start to go wrong on-site.  Using Tekla Software, structural engineering office performance improves due to increased and more effective design communication.  Tekla software is ready to satisfy high LOD for all structural project types, regardless of structural material. With Tekla software, structural engineering offices reduce their risks and add customer value, by minimizing the uncertainty that arises from incomplete and uncoordinated construction documents.

Join this free webinar and learn:

  • What can be done today and where the future is leading us with LOD.
  • How structural engineering offices can adopt high LOD to profitably deliver more effective design communication early and sidestep many requests for information.
  • How a Client can be more certain that they are getting the full value from construction information produced by their design team.
  • How the Contractor can be confident, not only that a tender is correct but that there will not be any unwelcome surprises.


Watch this Webinar

The live version of this webinar has already occured.  Check here to download and watch the recorded version.

Host & Speakers

Host:  Philip O'Brien, Marketing Manager

Speaker:  David Lash, Product Manager