In December, some leaders of the construction industry and faculty advisors from the UK met to discuss Digital Construction. They shared case studies, had product demonstrations but most importantly talked about today’s graduates. These leaders were excited about the students entering the workforce.

"The graduates we get from universities are very engaged with what they are doing and very keen on using technology", mentioned Ian Besford, Project Director at Mott McDonald.

Now is the time to take advantage of the resources in front of your.  There are many workflows being developed to increase the effectiveness of project delivery, such as, Integrated Project Delivery, BIM, Virtual Design and Construction, and Digital Construction.  

Digital Construction, one of the workflows that industry is adopting, allows us to build things virtually.  We can understand how the project will perform in the field, visualize it and communicate to project teams on site.  It allows us to see any risks and eliminate those problems prior to banging any hammers.  

Below, please find some additional videos highlighting the event and what was shared.

For a student it is important to learn and master the tools industry is using.  Digital Construction is one way of improving workflows or maybe a need to create new workflows that better the future of our industry.  Technology is advancing fast, and regardless of your walk in life, digitalization is a major topic.  At Trimble we can provide you with some of the best software in the world, but it is people who make the difference.  Most importantly, it is the way we work together that will enable our industry to progress.

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