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Rounding metric dimensions in reports.
09.04.2018 21:52

Hello everyone!
Got a problem here I got stuck at. I've created a report from a metric model and all the dimensions show with decimals (for example: HSS304.8X101.6X12.7). Is there a way to round those numbers to this format: HSS305x102x13? Appreciate any suggestions and advice!

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I guess without editing profiles in the model you'll have to do some template editing. You could try something like:
Of course this only works for HSS profiles, if you want it to work with several profiles the code will have to become more complex...
hope it helps. regards

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Rounding metric dimensions in reports.
Re: Rounding metric dimensions in reports. 20.04.2018 15:05

I think there's an easier sollution.
Go to the file menu / settings / options
Click on units and decimals / tabpage Catalogs / first row "section dimension" you can select the number of digits behind the decimal point.
Hope this helps.

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