BIM technology, a sure route to work.

The construction engineering program at Mid Sweden University in Östersund focuses on ensuring students utilize and understand how to manage construction projects using the same software & technology that industry leaders use.  The labor market is looking for students who can work with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology from Trimble. Of those students who graduated from this program in 2016, all now have jobs.

 “We work as much as possible with real projects; our students most recently planned a five-story building to house offices and student accommodation on campus in Östersund. Tekla Structures is used to help the students get an overview of a project and to look at how the detailed structures fit together,” says Fredrik Hermansson, Program Manager for Construction Engineering and Junior Lecturer in Structural Engineering at Mid Sweden University in Östersund.

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At the course in Östersund, students follow a foundation course in BIM technology and then follow with  construction related courses in steel, wood and concrete. Tekla Structures is used in the course for tasks such as creating models, estimating material volumes, and presenting proposals. It turns out that students who possess this expertise thanks to the program are in demand on the labor market.

“It's important to choose a course that prepares you for working life,” says Fredrik Hermansson. “The fact that I use Tekla in my teaching offers huge benefits to my students in their future work. Just a couple of months after presenting their degree projects, the vast majority have found work.”

Tekla Structures has been used since 2011 and thanks to their knowledge of BIM technology, the students are sought after on the labor market. Some are recruited to companies local to Östersund such as WSP and Sweco, while some have joined Ramböll. Others have moved to Norway to work as design engineers with companies such as Reinertsen.

Frederick's top three tips for you to apply for university or college:

  1. Learn about various specializations of the same training provided at various universities. Ask yourself the question as to the direction that will be most interesting to you as a future student.
  2. Review the content of education and collaboration with industry. If training has been good cooperation with the industry increases the chance to make contacts during the study period. And thus, you improve your chances of employment after graduation.
  3. If you are considering or are unsure about something, do not hesitate to contact the program manager or other contact person at the training.

Here you will find courses where you'll learn the Tekla Structures:

  • Colleges / Universities
  • Chalmers University of Technology - New
  • Jönköping University
  • Royal Institute of Technology 
  • Mid Sweden University 
  • Mälardalen University 
  • Uppsala University 
  • Örebro University 
  • Umeå University - NY


  • Trade Academy in Gtb
  • Nackademin 
  • Polytechnic in Kungsbacka
  • YRGO (demo)

For more information contact:
Fredrik Hermansson 
Program for construction engineering and lecturer in civil engineering at Mid Sweden University in Östersund
010-142 89 56
Tomas Ray
MD Trimble Solutions Sweden AB
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