The construction industry is increasingly using 3D modeling tools for the construction, fabrication, and erection of building projects.  Industry professionals are trying to discover ways to utilize these tools to reduce waste, cut cost and save time, while at the same time remain competitive.  Tekla Structures provides building professionals with easy to use BIM software through all phases of construction projects from creating reliable and accurate bids in the preconstruction phase to creating reliable constructible models for the construction phase.  At Tekla, we think that knowing Building Information Modeling (BIM) is highly important for engineering and construction students, so we have designed a series of tutorials to help prepare students in their journey to becoming leading BIM professionals.  

Engaging students with Real-World Content

Tekla Campus has created content to teach the basics of Tekla Structures, engage students in industry knowledge and supplement classroom coursework.  The content is broken down into two individual Learning Paths, Fundamentals of Tekla Structures & Construction Management.   
Fundamentals of Tekla Structures is perfect for those just learning how to use Tekla Structures for the first time and will offer a basis for other learning paths along their journey.  The Fundamentals include:

  • Introduction (Walkthrough of User Interface) 
  • Modeling (Creating, modifying structures, and adding components) 
  • Analysis & Design 
  • Drawings (Introduction & Creating Drawings)
  • Project Communication

Once you cover the basics you can dive into our introductory Construction Management Learning Path.   The initial set of lessons dive into key topics surrounding the building construction industry.  The topics include:

  • Collaboration & Information Management (Challenges faces our construction industry)
  • BIM Technology (Define BIM, Discuss the reliability of BIM models, the BIM process, Benefits of BIM)
  • Construction Estimation (Understanding the organizer to obtain quantities)
  • Clash Detection
  • Site Planning
  • Field Layout

Tekla Campus Learning Structure

Whether you are a novice, a software guru, or a teacher in need of course material, we have something for you.  Each Learning Path includes individual lessons that contain an introduction, key terms, quick video, data-files when needed, and practice & test questions.  Once students complete the series of lessons within the Learning Path they are awarded badges which are then displayed in their personal profile.  This allows students to show off their skills to fellow peers and potential employers, helping them to gain a competitive advantage.
The Learn Portal within Tekla Campus is constantly growing and will have updated materials, case studies, and resources to help support our budding students along their journey 

I was introduced to many different BIM platforms but realized the benefits Tekla Structures offered and used it for many different functions within project development like modeling, detailing, reporting, documentation and task management. - Bruno Ribeiro, BIM Consultant, Building Information Modeling & Management Solutions

Enter the Learn Portal


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