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Did you miss Wednesday's webinar.  Clcik the link below to watch the recorded version today.  The construction industry is changing and more and more concrete contractors are seeing the benefits of using Tekla Structures embedded tools to manage their estimates, as well as, plan & coordinate their concrete pours.  In this webinar, Big D Construction will share how they used Tekla to:

  • Drives more accurate concrete construction estimates.
  • Improves project understanding for bids/tenders.
  • Prepare more accurate concrete schedules.
  • Find errors & issues prior to beginning their pour.


Big D Construction 

Established in 1967, Big-D Construction is ranked among the top builders in the U.S.A. Big D have featured in the ENR top 400 for 27 years and now generates an annual yearly revenue of $600 Million.

Big-D Construction know that the critical milestones of a construction project depend on the concrete and have their own Big-D concrete business that has perfected this vital part of the construction process. Employing 345 people the Big-D concrete business can boast one of the largest crews in the Western U.S., and with 85 concrete pour projects per year they have a long list of successfully completed projects. Big-D Construction use Tekla to help them successfully plan on pour concrete.

Trent Murray is Preconstruction Manager for the Big D concrete business since 2014 having begun his construction career as a labourer in 1999. In this webinar Trent is going to explain how Big-D benefit from their use of Tekla in concrete estimating, project planning, schedule and tracking.