Team Easy Builder, a group of five promising Architectural Engineering students from Chosun University in Gwangji, South Korea, set off to compete in the Tekla Global BIM Awards for students as an opportunity to test what they learned within their BIM Course. Never expecting to win but to challenge their knowledge. However, their dedication, hard work and true team work paid off. Congratulations to our 2014 Tekla Global BIM Awards Student category winners.

About the Project

As a team, the students delivered a Building Information Model using an IPD approach. The building consisted on 85 floors and reached an impressive 340 meter height with a combination of both steel and concrete structures. Each member held specific roles and utilized the knowledge gained within their undergraduate Structural Engineering course to create their portion of the model. The students then utilized Tekla BIMsight to integrate the models and perform conflict checks.

About the Team

The students are all in the 3rd year of their Architecture Engineering Undergraduate Degree program studying Structure Engineering.  Beom Seok commented, “I have wanted to become a structural engineer ever since high school.  I felt the desire to build safe shelters for people and felt it was my passion to enroll in Architectural engineering at the university.  I want to develop my skill set and learn more about vibration & seismic isolation.”  Ji Sang, another team member, added “for me, my desire started as a rustic dream that I wanted to build my own house for safety and comfort, but then realized I could do more for others.  I am now interested in skyscrapers and hope to be part of a team in the future.  Most appealing is designing a structural model of a skyscraper that can accommodate a variety of facilities.”

The students are taught BIM within the course but they also participated in Tekla Advance traininig and discovered additional resources via YouTube.  What they found most beneficial were the resources available to them at Tekla Campus.  Tekla Campus is a free online academy provided for students who want to learn about Tekla Structures, BIM & Constructability.  All in all, the team discovered the importance of working with a 3D model vs. 2D drawing and the ability to save time by integrating all the models within Tekla BIMSight.