Do you know the difference between a constructible model and a BIM model?   Amy Northcutt, Application Specialist for Trimble Software and a licensed Structural Engineer will walk through the benefits of constructible models for structural engineers. In this 30 minute video she will share some design examples, walk through a quick product demonstration and show the benefits of working with the model vs 2D drawings.   You will learn the value of working with a Tekla Structures highly detailed and accurate constructible model.  A Constructible Model is different from a BIM model in that constructability is considered from the model’s initial conception all the way to fabrication. This is important, because by beginning with a Constructible model during the design phase, an Engineer is able to help identify design issues prior to them becoming RFIs as well as share the model downstream for detailing and construction planning.

Here is what you will learn within this video:

  • We will define Constructibility and explore what this word actually means to the DBO workflow?
  • We will share some examples of constructible models, as well as, constructible projects
  • We will also walk through some everyday user cases showing the benefits of constructibility
  • Understand the amount of time required to create a higher level of detail/constructible models
  • We will also conquer the topic of "Evolution of drawings", do we really need them? 
  • Benefits of creating and using constructible models.

Watch this video here:

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