Alyssa Anne Ibanez Acha is an undergraduate student studying civil and structural engineering at the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore.  As a child she remembered watching her father create drawing plans and had always had the desire to follow in his footsteps. Originally, she was thinking of becoming an architect as well, but as she dove further into her studies she discovered her passion to work with structures.  “Growing up in the Philippines, I experienced many natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes.  I want to contribute to my countries infrastructure and help design and build structures that can withstand these types of disasters,” said Alyssa.  

During her final semester at ITE, Alyssa took every opportunity to learn the tools of the trade and discover the many opportunities found within building & construction. One of her favorite courses was the Building Information Modeling Design Course, where Tekla Structures is the main tool learned.  The course is a collaboration between industry and academia and engages students in real world projects.    

The course teaches students how to produce 3D constructible models, 2D drawings, and fabrication drawings.  Students are initially guided through a hands-on Tekla Structures lecture, and then introduced to Tekla Campus where they dive through more interactive tutorials.  “Tekla Campus is great because it provides easy to use tutorials to learn Tekla Structures, but it also helped me to understand the industry”, says Alyssa.

Her favorite part of the course was the final project, where students are asked to model & build a physical model using everything they have learned throughout the past 2 years.  Alyssa, named captain by her team mates, found herself leading her project team in designing a semi-detached house, complete with an architectural & structural 3D model, as well as, the physical model.    Like any team project, Alyssa, learned how important time management and patience is.  She and her team worked well together and even through indecisive moments, realized that teamwork and cooperation is the key to a smooth and easy working relationship.  


Towards the end of Alyssa’s courses, she was awarded the Tekla BIM Scholarship, which is a joint scholarship between Tekla, ITE, & local industry partners.  This scholarship provided Alyssa an opportunity to work as an intern at Sunway Precast while on her winter break from classes.  Using this experience helped her to decide what side of the office she finds herself working in the future.  Alyssa put her classroom experience to test and helped to model & detail her first real-world project at Sunway.  “It was very hard, but I am glad I finished and it secured my interest in working with models moving forward”, said Alyssa.

“The Tekla BIM scholarship with industrial attachment not only provided opportunity for our students to learn the skill of using the BIM software, it also bridged the gap between school based training and real life project application. The scholarship recipients were excited to have taken part in real industrial projects. They learn more of the industry practices and are more prepared to join the industry after their study,” said KWAN King Kuen, Senior Lecturer / Engineering Design, School of Engineering, Institute Technical Education.

Alyssa will continue her education at the Building & Construction Authority Academy upon graduation and wants to focus on Construction Engineering.  

Whether you want to help improve your countries infrastructure, leave your mark on society, or get your hands dirty in the field of construction, you can start by Building your Future like Alyssa here on Tekla Campus.  

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