Viraj Voditel is not your average student. His love for structures started as a child and he has been working towards his dream ever since. We interviewed this bright budding civil engineer and discovered drive, passion and hard work do pay off.

Viraj is currently attending school at Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India. Studying Civil Engineering and expected to graduate in 2015, he would like to pursue a career in structural engineering. His goal is to help India improve on its infrastructure and development.

“Buildings have always fascinated me and I always wanted to know how mega structures were constructed,” commented Viraj. Although adept at his studies throughout college, Viraj likes to expose himself to new innovations, technology and skills found throughout industry research. “My love for technology exposed me to BIM, and it is changing the way I look at the structures around me.” This passion for technology drove Viraj to Tekla.

Viraj registered to Tekla Campus in June 2014 and has been actively learning with the online tutorials, gaining knowledge on BIM, Tekla Structures, and getting to know some exciting industry success stories. The extracurricular learning material proved beneficial for his studies. “I have used it to increase my knowledge in the courses "Design of Steel Structures" and "Design of Concrete Structures" that are taught at my college. For example, I have understood how steel connections actually work in real life using the models I built in Tekla and I feel that my understanding would have been limited if not for it!”

Viraj continues to inspire others within his school. He has been the President and the Executive Coordinator for the Civil Engineering Association at BITS Pilani and has worked to introduce “Archetype”, a three day annual fest which hosts various construction themed events, quizzes, and workshops.  Learn more about Viraj by visiting his Tekla Campus Profile.