Trey Garcia is a Construction Management student finishing the third year at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly).  His goal is to to pursue a career with a general contracting company upon graduation. 
“I grew up around the construction industry.  My father is an electrician, and I have always been intrigued with the logistics and planning that went into each job,” said Trey. “I realized I wanted to be part of the planning. As a student in the  construction management program at Cal Poly, I have been given the opportunity to learn and explore construction project planning,” he continued.
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“We get introduced to many different programs throughout our studies. I discovered Tekla during our Building Information Modeling & Emerging Trends courses,” said Trey. He learned Tekla Structures, by taking it on like a class project. He joined Tekla Campus and used the free online tutorials as well as watched Youtube videos. In addition, he took advantage of the online Tekla User Assistance, which he could access through his school’s Tekla Maintenance contract.  

“I like how user friendly Tekla is and how capable of a software solution it is. This software can be used from conceptual design to final product with functionalities such as the Task Manager, and Organizer. These come in very handy with project management,” said Trey.    
Trey currently helps his professors at Cal Poly by teaching Tekla Structures to students in the Building Information Modeling and Emerging Trends courses. He is also involved in the BIM Club & Associated Students of Construction Management at Cal Poly. At the Annual ASC Region 6&7 Student Competition, he has used Tekla Structures to help his team win. Here students are given 16 hours to show their knowledge and understanding in Virtual Design and Construction. They are judged in five areas:  Use of 3D models, site logistics, 3D coordination, estimating and  scheduling. Student teams must present their solutions and explain the integrated approach taken to solve the problems.  
Trey and fellow student Trevor, along with their professor Elbert Speidel, also had the opportunity to present at the 2016 Trimble Dimensions Conference. Their presentation titled "How Universities can take a leading role in supporting industry advancements in BIM" was well received.  
Trey is graduating June next year, and wants to pursue a career with a general contracting company.  He enjoys estimating, project scheduling, and design and leaves himself open to all areas within construction management.  “The knowledge and experience I have gained at Cal Poly is definitely preparing me for a future career. My recommendation to other students is to experience many different software programs and find which one works best for you. Tekla works very well for me,” mentioned Trey.