"BIM is important for the entire building construction process...."  Our students on Tekla Campus, all have stories to tell.  They are the future of our AEC industry.  They are perfecting their skills by learning the technology and finding new ways to use these tools to improve processes and workflow.  Ultimately creating eco-friendly structures that are not only visually pleasing to look at but also structurally sound and smart.  Students all over the world are learning about BIM and the tools used in the industry that support BIM.  They are individually tasking themselves with learning not only the current workflows but how these tools can ignite future innovations.  Enrique Posadas, a budding structural engineering student, from the Universidad Autonoma Del Estado de Mexico is a shining example of the hard work our students are showing.  

“In my university currently there is no course teaching BIM, but I know that for me to be successful in industry I need to learn BIM”, commented Enrique.  “I was introduced to Tekla Structures through my work. I was handed a set of drawings.  They were so so detailed so I asked him what software he used?.”  Enrique began his search on the internet to discover more about Tekla Structures and found Tekla Campus, where he downloaded his free personal learning edition.  “I like how Tekla Campus shares industry case studies.  I can learn about the challenges the industry is currently facing and how the companies use the tools to solve these challenges.”  

Enrique is currently working as a structural engineer assistant at Caabsa Steel while he finishes his degree.  He originally began his studies learning about structural design, but with the encouragement of his professor his is now pursuing a degree in structural engineering.  “BIM is an important in the entire building construction process, and as a structural engineer, I feel, I will need to be part of this,” said Enrique.   

He is also helping other students in his university learn more about the tools.  Enrique was our Tekla Campus “Invite a Friend” winner for the month of March.  He reached out to his fellow students and shared the word about Tekla Campus.  You can follow Enrique’s progress via Tekla Campus here.  






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