Students all around the world are diving into their studies learning about the future in construction. They are learning about the challenges facing the building and construction sector, as well as, being inspired by new innovations. The most eager students often seek avenues outside of school to stay informed. Ibrahim Mohammad, a student from Ostfold University College in Norway is doing just that.  

Ibrahim is a budding student, who chose to study civil engineering. Students like Ibrahim are immersed in multiple topics from strength of materials to construction project management. They are laced with understanding the theoretical foundation of design and construction and then putting their understandings into action.

The geography of Norway poses some extra challenges for this trade.  In Norway we have the steep-sloped fjords and extreme winter conditions to contend with.  

“Norway is in need of people to design and improve our infrastructure. I've chosen to work in construction upon graduation.  My idea is to work for a few years before I proceed with my master’s degree.  I want to understand firsthand the issues in the workplace.  I can then use this knowledge in my master’s degree to help secure a solution,” says Ibrahim.

Ibrahim is interested in all types of projects after graduation. He can see himself working on roadways, buildings or even factories.  He has also not decided on one path within construction.  He plans to graduate in 2017 but for the time being, he is driven to learn and digest as much information about the industry as possible.  

"I am also very interested in BIM.  I believe the future in construction will be more computing and automation. We need to find more clever methods to save time and money while at the same improving quality," he says. 

Spreading the word

“I learned about Tekla Campus through the internet. I searched for BIM software and discovered Tekla Structures while watching a YouTube video. It was then I realized I needed to learn Tekla”, says Ibrahim. “Tekla Campus has been great because it has given me access to both software and learning materials.  Another benefit was diving into case studies & webinars.”

Ibrahim has shared Tekla Campus with his classmates and was the Invite a Friend Winner for the month of April.  He invited over 90 of his classmates to join Tekla Campus. Over the summer, Ibrahim worked as a project engineer for AF Gruppen and continue his studies in autumn.

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