Meet Amelhan Nikondear, a civil engineering student from Polytechnic of Bandung in Indonesia.  Amelhan has always been interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering, since as a child growing up in Indonesia, Amelhan witnessed many infrastructure-related challenges.

“My country needs a lot of development so I’d like to use my degree and contribute the knowledge I’ve gained to fixing Indonesia’s infrastructure needs,” says Amelhan.  

Through his studies, Amelhan has discovered his passion for designing and estimating structures. He enjoys using software and technology and was introduced to Tekla Structures through a professor at the school. “I find Tekla Structures to be extremely easy to work with and I like using the Tekla Organizer to quickly calculate quantities,” says Amelhan. “In my classes, I have used Tekla Structures to model, prepare drawings and build reports,” continued Amelhan.

Upon graduation, Amelhan plans to find a career with an engineering firm and continue to develop his skills. He can see himself working on multiple types of structures from bridges, factory facilities, and even entertainment or sporting arenas. “I am most interested in steel structures and would like to be involved in the structural engineering of large structures using steel, but most importantly, I want to leave my mark of society and help build better infrastructure here in Indonesia”, says Amelhan.  

“My recommendation to other students is to find something you're passionate about. Civil engineering is great because as civil engineers we have the potential to impact the structures around us. “