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Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge

The world’s fourth longest suspension bridge with a central span length of 1550m, located at the Gulf of İzmit, along the eastern side of Marmara Sea, Turkey

JUST (Järvenpään uusi sosiaali- ja terveyskeskus) Health Care Center

The new social and health care center JUST, located in Järvenpää, Finland, covers an area of 13,664 brm2 with total volume of 60,600 m3.

The Warehouse - SIDC Extension

The Warehouse’s distribution center, located in Rolleston, New Zealand, is the South Island’s largest single level building. The $13m center features a 33,000 m2 warehouse; 1,100 m2 of administration offices, a 900Lm conveyor system, 6500 m2 of asphalt roadways surrounding the perimeter and a carpark.

International Sports Academy in The Hague

Sportcampus Zuiderpark, located in the Netherlands. This park will expand opportunities for sports, education and exercise.

Tekla BIM Awards Student Competition

The Global Competition will occur in 2018, however, you may take part in the many local events occurring. Winners from the local events will automatically be entered into the 2018 Tekla Global BIM Award Student Competition.

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