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In the spotlight

John Wellington, from Chennai Institute of Technology, skillfully modeled a mixed use stadium which holds 1800 people.

Avishek Dutta, from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, modeled a complex industrial building attached to a power plant. The structure contains a bunker for storing crushed coke.

Team Easy Builder: Park Jungeun, Lee Yunyeong, Jung Junho, Lee Chanyoung, Yang Hoyeol, from Chosun University, modeled the Gwangju District Court of South Korea. The purpose of the project was to reverse engineer using BIM. Project includes reinforced concrete structures.

Sivaraman M. Divyaprakash from Chennai Institute of Technology, skillfully modeled a luxury apartment building with 6 floors. Special emphasis was placed on ventilation and air circulation.

Saravanan M from Chennai Institute of Technology. This model is a composition of both steel and concrete materials.

Special Mention for the year 2015

A Special Mention goes to Ashrant Aryal from University of Southern California, Jiashu Liang from Columbia University and Nisha Puri from Iowa State University. Their model pushes BIM to its limits by capturing the “as damaged” state of buildings as a result of earthquakes. The team used photography, as well as, surveying technology to recreate the “as-damaged” building

Winner of the year 2015

Jin-Uk Kim, Jeong-Hun Kim, Sung-Jae Kim, Hyeong-Geon An, Yeon-Ho Kim, Jin-Ho Shin from TongMyong University. Their constructible project model presents an extensive building with complex geometry and multiple materials. The integrated Tekla model replicated an open-BIM workflow typically used to maximize value-engineering potential.